Web Genius,
Production Guru,
Snappy Dresser.

5 Years Practical

I've been working the dream and making my living as a Designer for the past five years. The first two years I worked as a freelancer, and the following three years I've been in-studio.


I have experience working on all sorts of print projects, from identity & branding, to corporate communications, advertising, promotional, and even a little package design.


I'm an accomplished web designer, and have designed web solutions for corporate sites, public events, service providers, and online stores.

& Pre-Press

I am fully fluent in production and pre-press, and can get any file up to speed and ready to hit the press. I also have experience attending press approvals.


I'm a whiz at coding and am fluent and best practice compliant in HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. I can slice up a PSD and get a template working in no time flat.

& Mobile Ready

I design and code my websites to be fully responsive and ready for any mobile device. Recently I've become a big fan of Bootstrap to expedite this process.

Soundcloud // mixes I've recorded

Flickr // photos I've snapped

Twitter // nerding out mostly